Missing Link Therapeutics seeks to provide a safe, neutral environment in which you can express private thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  Thus, increasing the clients spiritual, mental and physical health by becoming more conscious about themselves, their inner world and their relationships.


Hello, my name is Reverend Trudy Olson. I am the Founder of Missing Link Therapeutics, a private practice that provides Spiritual Counseling, Energy Healings and Readings.

As a child I saw and felt energy all around me. At the age of eight I began to see Spirits and Energy around people, animals, and the environment I was in. The adults in my life did not offer any explanations and so I kept most of my observations to myself. As the years passed I sought out answers in churches, different religions, and hundreds of books.

In college I became a student of the Bible and walked the Halls of Christianity. Through Christianity a deep abiding love for God evolved. Yet the answers I sought about energy and spiritual beings still went unanswered. As the years passed I kept my struggle quiet and continued to seek out answers through books, religious leaders, friends and just about anyone who was willing to talk about such matters.

Finally, I stumbled upon a meditation class that forever has changed my life. I continued to take more and more classes, hungry and satisfied, my questions were finally being answered. As time went by I gathered the tools I needed to understand spiritual beings, spiritual realities and what energy healing is all about. Two years later I was certified as an Energy Healer, Teacher and Minister.

I have been in private practice since 2008. I believe that the majority of problems that each of us faces in our daily lives can be healed through recognizing that we are spiritual/energetic beings having a physical experience, and that all energy has the capacity to change form. Therefore, bringing about healing and freedom to create the life you want.


What is a Energy Healing/ Reading?

Energy healings and readings are the capacity to see energy in the form of pictures and change or heal it. The pictures represent belief systems, ideas, or patterns that exist in a person’s conscious and unconscious mind, body, and spirit. During a reading Trudy looks at your spiritual body, physical body, energy centers and the energetic fields that surround you. The information received can then be used to bring about powerful changes in your life. New understanding and perceptions can heal finances, relationships, health issues, addiction, and emotional and mental issues as well as create opportunities for overall wellness and success.

Each of us is a unique person with a unique spiritual path. During the reading the information given is meant to validate one's personal soul journey and assist in the process of experiencing self as a spiritual being.

What can Energy Therapy do for you?

Energy Therapy is a unique approach to treating and healing problems we face in our daily lives. It involves allowing your soul energy to be read, discussed and then healed. Energy Therapy provides ways to express and release "stuck" feelings, ideas, beliefs, and old patterns of thinking.

Energy Therapy can also provide freedom from past experiences or trauma by using spiritual tools to remove and erase the energetic Memory Files of such events. Energy Therapy aids in the creation process of setting goals, achieving dreams, and gaining perspective as Mind, Body, and Spirit work as one.


  • Individual sessions are 60 minutes
  • Couple sessions are 90 minutes
  • Question, Answer and Healing Format
  • This is not about predicting the future, rather it is working with the client’s personal choices in the healthiest way possible.
  • Readings remove foreign energy in one's physical and spiritual bodies, opening doors for new opportunities of growth and change.
  • Promotes mental, physical and emotional healing.
  • A home or business healing is a series of energetic tools used to release unwanted energies that have been left behind by other people and past events.Healings create a warm welcoming environment
  • Allow balance and peace to dominate the space.
  • Bring in energies of client's choice to fill in space, such as, love, health, prosperity, harmony and happiness.
  • Energy work that dismantles the memory files, heals the emotional connection, and transforms trauma into wisdom.
  • 30-60 minute sessions
  • Question, Answer and Healing Format
  • Classes that teach energetic tools to overcome the debilitating effects of PTSD
  • 10 week course, meets once a week for two hours
  • Learn how to dismantle your memories
  • Release emotions without allowing them to control you
  • Understand you have choice to use your experience as a tool to better your life and someone else's
  • Take back Control of your Mind, Body and Emotions
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. ---- Mark Twain


About your body…

Your body is connected to you as a Spirit through energetic pathways called Meridians. Meridians can become blocked through poor nutrition, illness, negative self-talk, stress and toxins. Resulting in disease, pain, discomfort, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and may other problems.

Food, supplements and herbs function in the body in two ways, energetically and physically. Understanding that all functions and organs of the body are interrelated by nerves, hormones, blood circulation and meridians it is easy to see that nutrition should support the body at both the physical and energetic levels. Ultimately the body and Spirit are not separate, but equal and in balance work perfectly well together. As we take care of the body, we also care for Spirit. As we acknowledge Spirit we also take care of the body. This is the BALANCE we all seek for a happy fulfilling life. This is why I love JuicePLUS.

JuicePLUS is the most researched supplement in the world today. It is an encapsulated formula of 15 different fruits and vegetables, bran, and two grains. The powders are concentrated from the juice and pulp of fruits and veggies that are juiced and dried in a process that retains the original nutrition in a concentrated form. Finally producing a supplement that genetically and nutritionally supports the body.

I take JuicePLUS because it provides exactly what I need as a foundation to good nutrition. To get to the root of nutrition, disease, health and healing we must consider both the physical and spiritual aspects of the foods and supplements we consume.

JuicePLUS helps me to take care of my greatest asset, my greatest spiritual tool, MY BODY!!

As my body and spirit work together, I find what I truly seek is Oneness with my Self, Oneness with God, and the power to create the life I want.

For more information please call or visit my JuicePLUS website www.juiceplus.com/+to34648


  • Christine Harvey

    "Trudy has incredible talent in getting to the root of your spiritual essence. She does so with compassion, love and an honest interest in healing the spirit. "

  • Andrea

    "Trudy easily looked at my aura and relayed to me several blockages and "pictures" that helped me understand what I was holding on to and why my body was reacting in a negative way."

  • A. Rollins

    "She helped move that negative energy out and gave me the sense of well-being and confidence I needed to heal myself and take the next step in my spiritual growth."

  • Marie

    "My husband, the biggest skeptic ever, even changed his view toward getting readings because of her. He is now a believer that energy healing is not a hoax and sees how it has helped him(and me) personally as well as our relationship."

  • M. Rollins

    "I have worked with several people that do similar things to what Trudy does in terms of energy healing, but I have never felt more comfortable or resonated with anyone as much as Trudy."

  • Andrea

    "I have referred Trudy to many people I know who all agree that she is immediately comfortable to be around, excellent in what she does, and instantly creates positive shifts in people's lives."


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